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Home of the orginal "Amaroq dust pan"

Home of the orginal "Amaroq dust pan

I have been selling your large aluminum dust pan since 1992. I have never had an objection from anyone in need of this. Years ago everyone expected this kind of quality. In today's market it's even more fun to show and sell this dust pan. Today with all the cheap knockoffs people have bought that don't last a year, they are excited and eager to buy a real Made in USA solid quality product. Keep up the good work. AMERICAN MADE MATTERS. Spread the word.

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Current products


The ORIGINAL, Made here at our Mansfield, Ohio Plant for over 30 Years! Lies flat with "Hands Free" use. NO BENT FRONT LIP!!! This Large light-weight dust pan lends itself to around the house clean-ups, basement and garage, as well as farm, factory and institutional janitorial work. Notably, it will accommodate a lawn rake or push broom much better than a small kitchen dust pan. 100% Marine Grade Aluminum. Weight = 1.4 LBS. Width = 16" Depth = 10" with a 9" looping handle.


Our smaller version of this dust pan, it is approximately 25% smaller, making it ideal for kitchen or other in-house use. Made with the same quality material, it also features "Hands Free" use.